Produced and directed by

Thomas Deshays and Benoît Tanguy


Written by

Thomas Deshays



Benoît Tanguy


Edited by

Benoît Tanguy and Marie Drouet


Sound mixer

Pierre Warin


Audio Post-production

Charlie Maffia

Stephen Montano


Voice recorded to Bastudio


Open and end credits drawned by

Raymond Verdaguer



(in order of appearance) 

Thomas Deshays

Clovis Pareiko

Jamie Schmitz

Rafael Alvarez

Luis Martin

Perri Salka

Andrée Kahlmorgan

Raymond Verdaguer

Jayne Holsinger

Jessica Garlewicz

Alyssa Bursae

Vienna Bonato

Patrick Okrasinski


Kilian Simon

Sarah Graham

Alex Feld


Special thanks 

To Andrée Kahlmorgan

for her never-failing support

To BBS and Parenthesis Art Space

for their warm welcome 

To Nick Suttle for his kindness

To Jane Van Schaardenburg

for her support and care

To Louis Proisy for his generosity



All rights reserved - 2015